UV-LED Handy Light3 405nm+365nm LED curing unit

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Product size:W132mm×H68mm×D19mm
Package size:W120mm×H190mm×D25mm
Height of Stands:42mm
Contents:UV-LED Handy Light x 1
     USB cable(1m) x 1
LED Lights:6 LED lamp beads
Timing Function:45 seconds / 60 seconds
Irradiation area:W120mm×H50mm×D42mm
Power Supply:DC 5.0V=1.0A

Release:August 28th, 2020

800 JPY

Compact, palm-sized UV-LED handy light with timer function 45 seconds / 60 seconds.
Can be used with foldable limbs motion.


●Hybrid curing unit, compatible for LED 405nm & 365 nm
●Use for both LED Resin and UV Resin
●Expose from various angles
●Foldable stands for hands-free
●Can be supplied power by smartphone charger (DC5.0V=1.0A)
●Compact & portable
●Automatic 45 seconds and 60 seconds turn off timer


1.Plug the included USB cable into a USB port(3.0 or more),USB power adaptor, or USB mobile battery.
2. Plug the type B connector in a socket of UV-LED Handy light deeply.
3. Turn on the switch.
Press the key for the timing 45 seconds. Long press the key for 60 seconds.


●The included USB cable is for use with this Handy Light only.
Do not use other than the supplied USB cable in case any safety issue.
●Do not look into the light direct.
●After usage, wipe the cable and power adapter and clean them well.
●Curing period differs depending on some types of resin.
●Place uncuread resin under the light for complete curing.
●Cure the wide surface by changing the light position little by little.
●This UV-LED light is for the resin curing with 405nm & 365nm.
●When the resin sticks to the light, the stickiness can be wiped off by a resin cleaner.
※Only use the USB Cable that is supplied with the UV-LED Light.
When connecting a commercial USB cable, the light quantity may be insufficient.

[For Safe Operation]

Do not use any voltage-current other than indicated:5.0V≒1A on each device.