Shading Case

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*Applying for "Utility Model Registration Mark"

Packaging size:W140mm×H200mm×D50mm
Contents:Shading Case×3, Lid×3, Sticker×3
Weight:29g / 6.5g per case & lid set

Made in Japan
Release:May 28th, 2021

480 JPY

Jewel Color Shading Case, dedicated case to set the mixing palette in. To store the resin with the light completely blocked out.


【About this item】

●Dedicated shading case for completely blocking lights.
●The case with a lid can be stack on top of other cases.
●Come with 3 stickers on which the color formulation can be note.

  • Place for storing resin Set the mixing palette in and cover with the lid.

  • Place for mixing palette Block the light in when pausing the work.

  • Use stickers attached on top Note the color formulation.