UV-LED Handy Light 405nm+365nm hybrid curing unit

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Package size:W80mm×H155mm×D30mm
Stand hight:38mm
Contents:Number of LED:6
     USB cable(90cm)
     Warranty (valid for 6 months)
Irradiation area:W120mm×D70mm
Power consumption:10W
Input:AC100-240V 50/60 ltz

Release:March 1st, 2019

1,300 JPY

Portable, UV-LED Handy light, workable for both UV Resin and UV-LED Resin.

●Hybrid curing unit, compatible for LED 405nm & 365 nm.
●Use for both LED Resin and UV Resin.
●Expose from various angles.
●Has folding stands for hands-free.
●Can be supplied power by smartphone charger. (DC5.0V=1.0A)
●Automatic 30 seconds and 60 seconds turn off timer.