3D Water Drop Silicone Mold

Mold , Resin Supplies

Mold size:W54mm×H37mm×D18mm
Package size:W90mm×H150mm×D19mm
Net weight:20g
Gross weight:23.5g
Material:Silicone rubber
Upper-temperature limit:200℃
Low-temperature limit:-50℃

Made in Japan
Release:July 26th, 2019

1,000 JPY

Silicone Mold for 3D water drop shapes. Two different shaped drops can be made. One has a hole on the top to insert an eye bolt to connect accessory chain. The other one is a simple shape of the water drop without a hole.

・Two 3D water drops: a water drop with a hole for inserting a joint. The other drop is a simple shape of drop without a hole.
・Flexible silicone rubber mold can be used for the reproduction of jewelry shaped objects.
・Plastic eyebolt can be made with resin and this 3D mold.
・Approximately 1 gram resin needs for one drop.

●Tips for making beautiful drop

・Pour resin not up to the edge of the mold to avoid burrs. First 1-2 drops of resin for covering the narrow top. Use a stick to take bubbles out.

●How to reduce burr on the drop

・Use sandpaper #600 to deburr. Fill resin in a recess. ・Rub with sandpaer again and cover it with gloss coat.

Side View
  • Drop shape with an accessory insert

  • Simple waterdrop shape

  • resin made eyebolt

※Due to a small curing shrinkage, sizes are only guides.

How to Use

  • 1

    Pour resin little by little up to just below the spout. Do not speard it to the out. Get rid of bubbles by sticking a toothpick. Cure it under the UV-LED lamp.
    ※Turn the mold over and cure it again with LED light.

  • 2

    Push the resin out from its back after cooling down.
    ※The resin has high temperature just after exposed. Please be careful.

  • 3

    Fill a hollow part with a small amount of resin and cure to make its shape round.

  • 4

    Set an eyebolt Paste resin on eyebolt and insert it. Cure it again. It can be fasten with glue.