Silicone Mold Sphere 12mm

Mold , Resin Supplies

Mold size:W54mm×H37mm×D18mm
Package size:W90mm×H150mm×D19mm
Net weight:20g
Gross weight:23.5g
Material:Silicone rubber
Upper-temperature limit:200℃
Low-temperature limit:-50℃

Made in Japan
Release:July 26th, 2019

1,000 JPY

Silicone mold for the shape of 12mm sphere. Flexible silicone mold makes it easier to take a cured sphere from the mold. Attached 10mm wide tube helps insert embedded items like dried flowers.

・Best sphere size for pierced ears and earrings.
・Perfect sphered shape with high quality.
・All-in-one mold for beautiful sphere without any line.
・About 1 gram needs for 12mm sphere.