Silicone mold [Flower Cabochon]

Mold , Resin Supplies

Mold size:W80mm×H60mm×D10mm
Package size:W120mm×H155mm×D11mm
Net weight:24g
Gross weight:29g
Material:Silicone rubber
Upper-temperature limit:200℃
Low-temperature limit:-50℃

Made in Japan
Release:July 3rd, 2020

1,200 JPY

Silicone flower mold - perfect item for resin craft with pure transparency.
3D flower shaped mold is available with this flower cabochon mold. Can be used as a clay mold.

・3D & semi 3D shaped lilies of the valley, margaret, hydrangea, leaves, and birds.
・Use as a resin mold and as clay one.
・Beautiful resin surface without coating.

How to Use

as a clay mold

  • 1

    Grease the mold with mold oil(#404125). It is okay with any modeling clay. Modena resin clay is used in the instruction.

  • 2

    Take a proper amount of clay and put in the mold.

  • 3

    Press from the back and remove it from the mold.

  • 4

    Make 4 petals and glue them as a flower.

as a resin mold

  • 1

    Make preferred colored resin. Salmon pink color is for this instruction.

  • 2

    Pour the resin into the mold until it reaches the very limited to the top.

  • 3

    Cure it under UV-LED light.

  • 4

    Cool down the mold and push the piece out.
    The chemical reaction can generate heat, take care not to burn yourself.

How to make a 3D lily of the valley

  • 1

    Make white color resin. Pearl white is used for this instruction.

  • 2

    Put a fine drop of the resin into the 3D mold with a stick. Repeat it 3 times.

  • 3

    Stir it 10 times with a needle to let the resin reach to every edge in the mold.

  • 4

    Fill the mold half-full with resin.

  • 5

    Pinch the mold with two fingers 10 times.

  • 6

    Fill the mold full with resin.

  • 7

    Set a 9 pin on a stick and dip it to the mold.

  • 8

    Cure the mold and make sure the pin is affixed.

  • 9

    Cool down the mold and push the piece out from the 3D mold.

  • 10

    Add a stick of the resin on a dimple around the pin and cure with UV-LED light.

  • 11