Clay , Lightweight Clay

Package size:W210mm×H120mm×D30mm

Made in Japan
Release:May 12th, 2023

400 JPY

Hard Calmo, new lightweight clay has the characteristic of being able to be filed down with sandpaper . It is lightweight, smooth texture, and durable to keep its shape. Add color by kneading paint in or paint after dries. After drying completely, it can be filed with sandpaper.

[Water resistance]
No water resistance after drying
[Clay that can be mixed]
OK: lightweight clay, wood clay
ACCEPT: resin clay
NG: stone clay clay, oil clay
[Kneading paint]
OK: watercolors, acrylic paints, oil paints
[Appling paint after drying]
OK: watercolors, acrylics, oil paints
[Scraping after drying]
Not applicable


- Lightweight clay with a hard finish when completely dry
- Clay that can be filed with sandpaper after dry
- Soft clay that does not stick to hands and is easy to handle
- Durable clay that keeps its shape
- Clay can be bonded well to other clay
- Clay can be kneaded with paint or painted after it dries
- Provides a smooth and fine texture

  • It is hard enough to file sandpaper.

  • White clay allows for beautiful paint application.

  • Provides a smooth and fine texture.

  • Using rolled newspaper as a core material, clay can be pasted to create large works of art.