Jewel Color for UV & UV-LED Curing Resin [Royal Blue]

Pigment Liquid , Resin Pigments

Bottle size:φ22mm×H62mm
Package size:W70mm×H130mm×D23mm
Color:Royal Blue

Made in Japan
Release:May 26th, 2023

480 JPY

Turquoise, Aqua Blue, and Royal Blue, these three blue colors selected from the limited edition ”Jewel Clear Set Ocean” released in 2020 have been restored in 10 ml size bottles.

- Made a popular color selected from "Ocean Set" into a standard product in a 10ml bottle size.
- Ideal for creating artwork inspired by the sea, sky, and outer space.
- Mix with resin for the best transparency.

- Jewel Color colorant can be used for UV-LED resin, LED resin, UV resin, and two-component resin.
- The high transparency of the resin allows you to create beautifully colored resins.
- The liquid bottle allows you to dispense one drop at a time without getting your hands dirty.
- Please store in a place out of direct sunlight.

[Materials can be used with]
OK: UV-LED resin, UV resin, two-component resin,
ACCEPT: silicone, polyurethane resin, *Check the pre-cure before use.
NG: clay, water, ethanol, water-based varnish, oil-based varnish