Water Resistant Air Dry Clay White Tokenai-kun

Clay , Lightweight Clay

Package size:W180mm×H110mm×D20mm

Country of Origin: Japan
Release:May 12th, 2023

400 JPY

Water-resistant air-dried clay ”Tokenai-kun” is the substitute clay for Mermaid Puffy Clay.
Lightweight clay with plasticity, is treated against drops of water. It provides a smooth & fine texture like Hearty clay.
It is ideal for making back charms, accessories, and other works for outside use.

[Water resistance]
Water resistance after drying
[Clay that can be mixed]
OK: lightweight clay, wood clay
ACCEPT: resin clay
NG: stone clay clay, oil clay
Note: Mixing other clays will reduce water resistance.
[Kneading paint]
OK: watercolors, acrylic paints, oil paints
[Appling paint after drying]
OK: watercolors, acrylics, oil paints
Note: Watercolors will dissolve when wet.
[Scraping after drying]
Not applicable


- When the clay dries completely, it is less soluble in water.
- Clay is lightweight, bendable, and durable finish.
- Resistant to water, the clay does not dissolve easily when wet.
- Soft clay that does not stick to hands and is easy to handle
- Clay does not warp easily when stretched thinly.
- Clay can be kneaded with paint or painted after it dries

* Due to its water resistance at the level of daily life,it cannot be used for vases or underwater objects.
* It is not suitable for long time display.
* Acrylic paints are recommended for mixing and coloring.