Thermoplatic Line Mold

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Packaging size:W120mm×H185mm×D4mm
Contents:1 pack / 2 pcs
Gross Weight:18g(Line Mold:4g x 2 pcs)
Materials:Thermosetting resin
Operating Temp:30〜50℃

Made in Japan
Release:September 16th, 2022

450 JPY

The linemold is shaped like a cord and becomes soft and adhesive when heated.
Place the heat-deformable mold on the clear board (optional item),
create the desired shape of the resin plates in 3mm or 6mm thickness.


Features of Line Mold

  • Soften the linemold when warmed with an embossing heat gun. Prepare an emboss heat gun or a dryer.

  • The line mold becomes adhesive enough to stick on the clear board. Use the clear board sold separately.

  • becomes 3mm or 6mm thick resin molds

  • Cut in half with scissors to make corners.

  • Make an original acrylic stand with "Stand Jointer"sold spearately.

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  • Free to create resin jewelrys with unique designs.

  • Resin plates in 2 thicknesses Thickness of a thin 3mm or a thick 6mm can be made by changing the position of the mold.

  • Warm up and connect the two into one for the large size resin piece One linemold is 8 cm long ; two pieces can be adhered together to make a 16 cm length.
    Large pieces with irregular shapes can be created.

    ※The linemold included with the clear board is a short 12.5 cm product.


●Line mold must be used on the flat surface of the clear board.
●Use an embossing heat gun or a dryer in low mode for heating linemolds.
●Do not cure resin on the back of the clear board. It will not come off the board.

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