Stand Jointer <Fixed Type>

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Patent application in progress

Parts size:W16mm×H5mm×D5mm(at joint)
Packaging size:W70mm×H120mm×D12mm
Contents:Stand Part x 5 pieces, Base Part x 5 pieces
Gross Weight:3.8g( Joint parts:1.5g)
Material:polycarbonates (PC)
Upper-temperature limit:120℃
Low-temperature limit:ー100℃

Made in Japan
Release:September 16th, 2022

240 JPY

This square shap joint is fixed type.
It is useful for making larger sized stands.
Multiple stands can be made by embedding multiple base parts in the pedestal.



To make a free-form plate, requires the clear board & the line mold (sold speparately).

When using a line mold, heat it on low with a hair dryer or use an embossing heat gun.

Recommended Resin:UV-LED Moon Drop Resin, Sun Drop Resin

How to Use

For detailed instructions, see the instructions on the back of the package or check QR code for the video.

  • 1

    Draw an outline on paper slightly larger than the illustration you wish to seal.
    Place the clear board on the paper.
    Warm a linemold with an embossing heat gun.

  • 2

    Form a line mold along the contour of ① and place it so that the two ends of the mold are at the two ends of the stand Part .

  • 3

    Pour a thin layer of resin over the entire surface and place the embedded material face down.