Sandpaper Waterproof Paper Set

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Paper Size:W32.5mm×H70mm
Packaging Size:W80mm×H140mm×D3mm
Contents:Sandpaper 3 pcs per grit sizes: #240, #400, #1000
Weight: 8g

Made in Japan
Release:November 19th, 2021

240 JPY

Sand the clay surface with sandpaper. Perfect size for use in making resin accessories.

・Mini size sandpapers so you can use it without cutting.
・Use for chamfering, deburring, and polishing.
・It can also be water-polished to prevent dust from scattering during polishing.

  • Resin Polishing Dust does not scatter when sanded resin with water.

  • #240:Very fine
    #400:Extra fine
    #1,000:Super fine

  • Contents Sandpaper
    (3 pieces per grit size: #240、#400、#1,000)