Clear Craft Tool [Round Bar & Small Spoon]

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patent pending
Application for utility model registration

Packaging size:W60mm×H230mm×D9mm
Packing weight: 9.4 g (Rod: 5g)
Color: Translucent
Material: Thermoplastic resin
Upper-temperature limit:80℃
Low-temperature limit:-20℃

Made in Japan
Release:November 19th, 2021

520 JPY

Dual-ended design, comfortable tools with excellent surface releasability that do not easily stick to clay or resin.
Ideal for clay flower craft.

・Useful tool that does not stick to clay.
・It can used as a clay petal former.
・Transparent tool makes it easy to model the shape of clay.
・Good for stiring, scooping, removing bubbles, and spreading resin out

  • Transparent resin tool with excellent surface releasability. Resin dye does not transfer to the tool.

  • The clear tool makes it easier to check the shape of clay and to form clay petals with.

  • Versatile modeling tool is perfect for resin making, to stir, scoop, remove bubbles, and coat.

Easy to clean

After use, wipe it out gently with wet tissue and dry it out.
Please note that air bubbles were formed on the handle of the tool during the process of the production, but there is no problem with the strength of the tool.