Decals [7 Wishes]

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Packaging size:W100mm×H173mm
Contents:Decal×1pc, Plastic bar×1pc
Material:Decal_PP、Plastic bar_PS、Protective sheet_Paper

Made in Japan
Release:October 1st, 2012

600 JPY

Decal for making resin parts.
Put resin on design and cure to UV/UV-LED light.

How to Use

Transfer onto another sheet

  • 1

    Pour color resin in setting and cure with UV light. Put clear resin slightly onto it.

  • 2

    Cut a decal in proper size and place onto the resin. Take air out and cure it again.

  • 3

    Peel off the film slowly.

  • 4

    Pour plenty of resin until swelling and cure it again.


  • 1

    Pour resin about a half of the mold and cure it. Add a little resin, set a decal face down, and cure it.

  • 2

    Pour resin for full covered. Cure again.

  • 3

    Cover with color resin and cure it.

Resin parts

  • 1

    Put resin on each design from back side of a decal.

  • 2

    Cure them and become resin parts.