Star Drop Trial Set

Resin , Resin Pigments

Discontinued Item

*The old version
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Package size:W310mm×H290mm×D34mm
Net weight:163g

Made in Japan
Release:November 29th, 2019

2,000 JPY

3 great starter sets: Trial Set, Starter Set, and Jewel Mold Set.
Perfect resin craft sets for beginners and advanced.
UV-LED resin, tools, and the book are packaged in a PADICO zipper plastic bag.
Technique & recipe book in Japanese comes with each set.
Ideal as gifts.

★Includes Star Drop UV-LED resin, basic tools, and the instruction.
UV-LED light is not included in the trial set.
★Save 20% compared to buying those products individually!


・LED Curing Resin "Star Drop" Hard 30g
・Jewel Color Mixing Palette
・Mixing Stick
・Technique & Recipe Book