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PADICO UV-LED Resin Series

We, PADICO Co., Ltd. develop and produce our own brand resin products sold to ordinary consumers for the hobby craft use. There are three series of resin: STAR DROP, NEW SUN DROP, and MOON DROP.
The main features of each series are follows.

Star Drop
  • ・Transparent acrylic resin.
  • ・Three types of hardness can be selected: hard, soft, and gummy type.
  • ・This series cure faster than others.
  • ・Non-yellowing resistant retains crystal clear color. (It has kept clear for 6 years since 2015.)
New Sun Drop
  • ・Improved resin to be cured with UV-LED light.
  • ・The cost performance is a feature at a low price.
  • ・Compared to previous Sun Drop, the new one can reduce yellowing degree.
  • ・Due to the low heat shrinkage of 4%, works well with open back bezels.
Moon Drop
  • ・Crystal clear gloss resin.
  • ・Due to the low heat shrinkage of 3.5%, minimized the curvature of the resin, and works well with open back bezels.
  • ・Cure without wrinkles or creases when a silicone mold is used .
  • ・Non-yellowing color protection keeps high transparency.

Before you use resin

  • ● Read instructions on the package and the label.
  • ● Work in a well-ventilated space.
  • ● Do not work by the window or in a place the sun is direct exposed.
  • ● When the resin is used under a mercury lamp, it may cause a curing reaction. Take measures against shading.
  • ● Put a plastic file holder, clear sheet, or cooking sheet to prevent disposition of the rein on your workplace. Be careful not to get resin on your clothes. After curing, the resin may stack and become impossible to remove from the clothes.
  • ● Avoid direct contact with skin. Wipe the resin with tissue or ethanol wipes, and then wash with plenty of soap and water. If in eyes, rinse cautiously with clean water.
  • ● Take care to avoid getting burned when curing. Leave it to cool down after curing.
  • ● Keep out of reach of children.
  • ● Wear gloves if you have a delicate skin or allergy on UV-LED resin.
  • ● It is inadvisable for pregnant women or the elderly to work for long hours. Take rest and refreshment breaks during the craft work.

PADICO Basic Resin Instructions

Before you begin:
Put a plastic file holder, clear sheet, or cooking sheet to prevent deposition of the resin on your workplace.

Pour UV-LED Resin into the soft mold or the setting.

  • Mold

    Pour the resin in an approx. 3mm thin layer and cure, repeat that a couple times when you create a piece with 1cm or more thickness or when you use the colored resin.

  • Setting

    Pour the resin to full to the brim.

Resin with Jewel Color Pigment

  • Pour the resin into a palette (sold separately) and put a drop of the Jewel Color.

  • Stir it well with a mixing stick(sold separately).
    *Colored resin is required longer cure time.

Set embedded objects such as parts, stones, and dried flowers.

Objects which contain water and/or oil are not suitable. The item that is easy to melt with heat, such as chocolate is not acceptable. Fresh flowers should dry well first.

  • Embedded Stone

    Pavilion-cut stone designed to maximized color, brilliance and optical effects is recommended to use for an embedded object.

Place the piece under the UV-LED Light and cure in proper time.
* Check the proper cure time and “how to” in the instruction printed on each packaging.

  • UV-LED Light/Lamp

    When placed under the UV-LED light, cure starts in a second. Refer to the instruction for good curing result.

    * Do not look direct into the UV-LED light.
    * Be careful that the resin may become hot in curing process.

  • Precaution of UV-LED Lamp

    Keep extra resin away from the lamp to prevent the resin curing by light leaking.

  • UV Lamp (36W)

    Curing time depends on types of resin.  Refer to each instruction.
    It takes longer time to cure with UV lamp.


  • ● Take care to avoid getting burned when curing. Leave it to cool down after curing.
  • ● When the surface is still sticky, cure it again from both top and bottom.

When temporarily stop the operation

It may get cured under the fluorescent light and the LED in a room. Resin poured in a palette should be put in a dedicated shading case(separately sold) when you pause the operation.

  • Set the palette in the shading case and store the excess resin temporarily in.

  • Cover the lid, and other cases can be stack on tops.

Curing Time

Condition Moon Drop Sun Drop Star Drop
UV-LED Light
30 - 120
30 - 120
30 - 90
UV Light 2 - 4
2 - 4
2 - 4
30 - 120
30 - 120
30 - 90
3 - 10
3 - 10
3 - 10
  • ● Curing period differs with size and seasonal changes.
  • ● Take longer cure time when the colorant resin is used.
  • ● Gummy type resin also needs longer cure time for complete curing.

UV-LED Resin Basic Knowledge Q & A

  • QWhat kind of vinyl gloves be recommended?

    AClean vinyl gloves like PVC or nitrile ones on the market are available.

  • QHow do you remove the resin which gets on clothes?

    AIf before curing, keep away from direct sun or UV-LED light, wipe the resin with tissue or ethanol wipes and wash with soap.

  • QIs it okay to wear the cured resin as an accessory?

    AYes, you can put on the accessory completely cured with UV-LED hard type and with the soft one. The skin safety has been confirmed with the skin irritation (in vitro test)and sensitization(human patch test). No case is reported as a sensitization. if you are sensitive or allergic to resin, do a preliminary patch test.
    Gummy type resin keeps soft texture even after curing and that may cause an allergic skin reaction. Please do a preliminary test.

  • QDoes the resin have heat resistance once it is completely dry?

    AOnce it is completely dry, it has heat resistance, allowing it to withstand 100℃.
    A coaster for hot drink is okay to use, as an example.

  • QDoes the resin shrink in curing? How about the resin shrinkage rate for each resin?

    APlease see the list for the resin shrinkage rate below. The shrinkage is a little influenced by the shape of the curing item.
    ・Star Drop Hard 6%
    ・Star Drop Soft 5%
    ・Sar Drop Gummy 4%
    ・Sun Drop (new type) 4%
    ・Moon Drop 3.5%

  • QCan the PADICO resin be mixed with other series of PADICO resin?

    AThe PADICO resin can be mixed with other series, but it may cure slower, and the non-yellowing resistant may be decreased. So that, we do not recommend doing that.

Precautions for use

  • ● Take care to avoid getting burned when curing.
  • ● Avoid direct contact with skin, on your clothes, or furniture.
  • ● Do not leave the poured resin in a palette for long time. Cover the palette with aluminum foil or use the shading case to avoid getting cured in a room. Use up the resin as soon as possible.
  • ● The resin is not food. Do not eat or drink.
  • ● Keep out of reach of children.
  • ● Use in a well-ventilated room.
  • ● Avoid direct contact with skin. Remove attached resin with tissue or ethanol wipes, and then wash with plenty of soap and water.
  • ● If in eyes, rinse cautiously with clean water for at last 15 minutes, then get medical attention.
  • ● If you feel sick, stop doing the work. Get medical attention.
  • ● Wash your hands well after the craft work.
  • ● Do not use or put cured items in the aquarium.
  • ● Do not use for purposes other than resin accessory and hand craft work.
  • ● Avoiding direct sunlight, resin should be sealed in dark at a constant temperature between0- 25℃.
  • ● When stored in the refrigerator, bring the temperature back to the room temperature before use.
  • ● Discard the bottle after running out of resin. Leftover resin should be cured and throw away as inflammable item. Follow the instructions of local government to handle waste.
  • ● Do not use too much colorant mixing with resin. The resin may not be cured properly.
  • ● Do not work in a place that the sun is exposed such as by the window.
  • ● It may cause an allergic skin reaction for people who have sensitive skin. If it happens, stop work to get medical attention immediately.
  • ● Tighten the cap of bottle immediately after pouring.
  • ● Resin may not be cured completely with opaque molds. The UV-LED light is not exposed uniformly. In that case repeat pouring and curing process several times to make layers for curing completely.

Precaution before Allergic Reaction Test

When having an allergic reaction test at dermatologist, please explain the doctor the resin feature that it is cured under the direct sunshine or UV-LED light and it may get burned by the heat of reaction. Talk to your doctor before taking a human patch test, especially for delayed hyper sensibility reaction.

Best UV-LED Resin
for Your Jewelry Making and Craft

PADICO Resin series are high-quality UV-LED Resin from Japan, developed with non-toxic materials.
Many resins on the market are engineered resins made for industrial use, but PADICO resins are formulated with ingredients that are acceptable by safety standard and are made purposes for jewelry making and crafts.


PADICO UV-LED Resin has the good performance of safety which meet the EU Regulation. The skin safety of cured item has been confirmed with the skin irritation (in vitro test)and sensitization(human patch test). UV-LED Curing Resin “Star Drop” is to be considered as Non-irritant to skin. No hazard statement or signal word is required.

Non-Flammable Liquid Resin

UV-LED Curing Resin “Star Drop” has been tested and confirmed as non-flammable resin.

We will put more effort into providing quality, safe products.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please visit the web site below.