LED Curing Resin "Star Drop" 200g

Resin , Resin Pigments

Bottle size:φ50mm×H180mm
Ingredients:Acrylic UV LED curable resin

<Light source>
UV-LED Light (wavelength 405nm)
UV Light (wavelength 365nm)

Made in Japan
Release:July 26th, 2017

7,000 JPY

One component UV-LED curing resin with a hard finish - no mixing required. The ready to use resin cures in a minute under a UV-LED lamp. The curing speed is faster than other series of PADICO resins. Transparent resin with long-lasting non-yellowing protection.

【About this item】

● One component resin curing with both LED light(405nm) and UV light(365nm).
● Clear color resin with long-lasting non-yellowing protection.
● Curing speed is faster than other PADICO resin series.
● Curing starts immediately, and is completely finished in 30 - 90 seconds.
● Cures well in sunlight.
● Cured resin is durable, waterproof product.
● Work with soft PP molds and silicone ones.
● The surface of a cured item is not sticky.
※Discoloration may occur due to aging.

【Curing time】

LED light(6W~9W) 405nm 30-90 seconds
UV light (36W) 2-4 minutes
Sunny sunlight 30-90 seconds
Cloudy sunlight 3-10 minutes
※Take longer cure time when you mix the colorant with resin.

【Curability list】

※Curing period differs depending on the size and on seasonal changes.

  • No yellowing after curing.※


・Take care to avoid getting burned when curing.
・Avoid direct contact with skin.
・Should contact with skin occur, remove resin with a tissue and wash with soap and water.
・If product gets into eyes, rinse with clear water for 15 mins and seek medical attention.

・Causes skin irritation.
・Cause serious eye irritation.
・Use in a well-ventilated room.
・Store in a cool, dry area.
・Storage temperature 0-25°C
・Do not use near fire or open flame.