NEW PRODUCT 2022 JUNE パジコの新商品

Clear Board with Thermoplastic Line Mold

Release on June 24th, 2022

Place the heat-deformable mold named
"Line Mold" on the clear board. Create
the desired shape of plates with resin or clay.

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  • Free to create  resin jewelrys with unique designs.
  • Resin plates in 2 thicknesses

    Thinner 3mm and thicker 6mm can be made by changing the position of the mold.

  • Warm up and connect the two into one for the large size resin piece

    Warm up & conect 2 line molds for a longer one with 8cm length.

  • Charming Shapes
  • Polygonal Stones
  • Open Oval Hanging Earrings
  • Cat shaped Acrylic Stand with 6mm thickness
Free to create a variety of shapes and forms

How to make dried flower earrings

Products & Items to be prepared

UV-LED Resin
UV-LED Handy Light
Clear Board
Thermoplastic Line Mold
Clear Craft Tool [Round Bar & Small Spoon]
Embossing heat gun or a dryer
Dried flowers
Pen or Pencil

Nippers in case that the burr is removed.
Sand papers in case that the burr is removed.
Pin vise
Round jumprings
Pearl beads
Pierced earrings

  • 1

    Draw the outline of the shape on a paper.

  • 2

    Put a line mold on board and warm it up for 10 seconds until it softens.

  • 3

    Place the clear board on the paper used in step 1.

  • 4

    Shape the line mold following the drawn line.

  • 5

    If necessary, connect another line to make it longer.

  • 6

    Mark the liner mold to cut the excess.

  • 7

    Cut the excess with scissors.

  • 8

    Warm up the ends to make them stick together.

  • 9

    Pour the resin until it is two-thirds the height of the mold.

  • 10

    Put dried flowers into the resin with tweezers.

  • 11

    Using a round bar, embed flowers in resin and take resin bubbles out.

  • 12

    Cure it under UV-LED light.

  • 13

    Fill the mold full with resin.

  • 14

    Expose it both the front and back surfaces.

  • 15

    Weight it down by hand before it cools.
    This will prevent carving.

  • 16

    Cool down the mold and push the piece out from the mold.

  • 17

    Use a nipper to remove burrs.

  • 18

    Sand with sandpaper.
    If it becomes matte, coat it with resin.

  • 19

    Drill a small hole with a pin vise.

  • 20

    Set earring parts with pliers.

Clear Board with Thermoplastic Line Mold

Contents:Clear Board x 1 piece, Line Mold x 2 pieces
Weight:70g(Board 58g, Line Mold 2g x 2 pcs)
Release on June 24th, 2022
980 JYP without tax