Clear Board with Thermoplastic Line Mold

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Size:Clear Board/W100mm×H150mm×D6mm
Line Mold/W6mm×H125mm×D3mm
Packaging size:W120mm×H185mm×D9mm
Contents:Clear Board x 1 piece, Line Mold x 2 pieces
Weight:70g(Board 58g, Line Mold 2g x 2 pcs)
Color:Transparent color
Materials:Thermosetting resin, Polycarbonate (back side of the clear board)
Upper-temperature limit of Clear Board:80℃
Low-temperature limit of Clear Board:-20℃
Operating temperature of Line Mold:30 to 50°C

Made in Japan
Release:June 24th, 2022

980 JPY

Place the heat-deformable mold named "Line Mold" on the clear board.
Create the desired shape of plates with resin or clay.

Clear Board Features

  • Minimize the curvature of the resin during curing on the boad.

  • UV light can be exposed from the backside.

  • Easy to check the transparency of the resin piece on the board.

  • Clay does not easily stick to the board.

Line Mold Features

  • Soften when warmed with an embossing heat gun.

  • The line mold becomes softer and more adhesive when warmed.

  • Become 3mm and 6mm thick resin molds.

  • Make corners by cutting about half way through with scissors.

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  • Free to create resin jewelrys with unique designs.

  • Resin plates in 2 thicknesses Thinner 3mm and thicker 6mm can be made by changing the position of the mold.

  • Warm up and connect the two into one for the large size resin piece Warm up & conect 2 line molds for a longer one with 8cm length.


・Line mold must be used on a clear board.
・Use an embossing heat gun or a dryer in low mode for heating line molds.
・Do not cure resin on the back of the clear board.
It will not come off the board.
・Available materials:One component UV-LED Resin, 2 epoxy resins, and various clays
・If it gets dirty or the adhesion becomes weak, wipe the surface with a cleaner or wash it gently in water with a mild detergent. Dry it completely.

How to Use

Make resin plates in any shape you like.

  • 1

    Warm the line mold with an embossing heat gun or a hair dryer.

  • 2

    The line mold becomes softer and more adhesive when warmed.

  • 3

    Shape the mold into the desired shape and attach it to a clear board.

  • 4

    Pour the resin into the mold for resin jewelry.