Hearty Color [Brown]

Clay , Lightweight Clay

Package size:W150mm×H85mm×D20mm
Drying time: 1 to 2 days
*Depends on the thickness of the work and the environment.
Country of Origin: Japann
Release:July 28th, 2023

250 JPY

Hearty clay is super, ultra-light weight, flexible, non-toxic, pure pigmented mixable air dry clay.
The long-selling "Hearty Series" clay was relaunched with imporved quality and a new product code. The new Hearty color clay provides a fine texture, smoother feel, and few cracks on the clay surface. Hearty color clay comes with 8 rich colors: Yellow, Magenta, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Green, and Brown as new color. The coloration has improved. When mixed with Hearty white or Hearty Soft clay, more beautiful & brighter colors can be obtained.
Using three primary colors of yellow, magenta, and blue, any exiting color on the earth can be created.
The beautiful "brown" color is perfect for the expression of chocolate and soil is newly listed. Great for detailed and delicate work; flowers, miniatures, dolls, jewel making and embellishments.

[Water resistance]
No water resistance after drying
[Clay that can be mixed]
OK: lightweight clay, wood clay
ACCEPT: resin clay
NG: stone clay clay, oil clay
[Kneading paint]
OK: watercolors, acrylic paints, oil paints
[Appling paint after drying]
OK: watercolors, acrylics, oil paints
[Scraping after drying]
Not applicable

【3 improved points】

  • Smoother

  • Less cracked

  • Better coloring

【Air Dry Soft Clay Sigle Packs Series 5 Items】

【Hearty Color Series 9 colors in total】

【Pure Pigmented Mixable Clay can make your desired colors.】

  • Put a small piece of clay in the center of the other one.

  • Knead clay from the end toward the center.

  • Hearty color produces great color. Add a small amount and check the color.

【More with Hearyt clay】

  • make a ball

  • form by hand

  • cut with a tool

  • smooth with water

  • add more clay on

  • cut with scissors

  • form with a texture tool

  • work with a mold