Resin Accessory Basics


Print length:80 pages
Writers:Tikyuuya, Kimura Premium, Kuragezakka, Favori, ERMINIA

Release:August 4th, 2023

1,400 JPY

This book contains 35 instructions for making necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets, hair buns, ornamental hairpins, and more.
From basic techniques to new techniques are introduced with easy-to-understand explanations and step by step photos.
This book also features items using new coating resins and colors, as well as acrylic stands made from resin that can be used for "Oshikatsu” “fave activities” by inserting photos and illustrations of your favorite persons.
Five popular artists, Tikyuuya, Kimura Premium, Kuragezakka, Favori, and ERMINIA, introduce accessories with their original designs such as constellations, flowers, and goldfish.