Hearty Color [Green]

Clay , Lightweight Clay

Package size:W150mm×H85mm×D20mm
Drying time:1 to 2 days
*Depends on the thickness of the work and the environment.
Country of Origin: Japan
Release:September 3rd, 1996
Relaunch : July 28th, 2023

250 JPY

Hearty clay is super, ultra-light weight, flexible, non-toxic, pure pigmented mixable air dry clay.
The long-selling "Hearty Series" clay was relaunched with imporved quality and a new product code. The new Hearty color clay provides a fine texture, smoother feel, and few cracks on the clay surface. Hearty color clay comes with 8 rich colors: Yellow, Magenta, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Green, and Brown as new color. The coloration has improved. When mixed with Hearty white or Hearty Soft clay, more beautiful & brighter colors can be obtained.
Using three primary colors of yellow, magenta, and blue, any exiting color on the earth can be created.
Great for detailed and delicate work; flowers, miniatures, dolls, jewel making and embellishments.

[Water resistance]
No water resistance after drying
[Clay that can be mixed]
OK: lightweight clay, wood clay
ACCEPT: resin clay
NG: stone clay clay, oil clay
[Kneading paint]
OK: watercolors, acrylic paints, oil paints
[Appling paint after drying]
OK: watercolors, acrylics, oil paints
[Scraping after drying]
Not applicable

【3 improved points】

  • Smoother

  • Less cracked

  • Better coloring

【Air Dry Soft Clay Sigle Packs Series 5 Items】

【Hearty Color Series 9 colors in total】

【Pure Pigmented Mixable Clay can make your desired colors.】

  • Put a small piece of clay in the center of the other one.

  • Knead clay from the end toward the center.

  • Hearty color produces great color. Add a small amount and check the color.

【More with Hearyt clay】

  • make a ball

  • form by hand

  • cut with a tool

  • smooth with water

  • add more clay on

  • cut with scissors

  • form with a texture tool

  • work with a mold