Hearty Color [Dark Green]

Clay , Lightweight Clay

Discontinued Item

* End of Sale

Package size:W140mm×H85mm×D25mm
Color:Dark Green

Made in Japan
Release:October 1st, 2002

250 JPY

Hearty is super, ultra-light weight, flexible, non-toxic, pure pigmented mixable air dry clay. Hearty color clay comes with 9 rich colors. Using the three primary colors of yellow, magenta. and blue, any existing color on the earth can be created with Hearty color pigments. Ideal for flowers, miniatures, dolls, jewel making and embellishments.

【Air Dry Soft Clay Sigle Packs Series 5 Items】

【Hearty Color Series 10 colors in total】

【Pure Pigmented Mixable Clay can make your desired colors.】

  • Put a small piece of clay in the center of the other one.

  • Knead clay from the end toward the center.

  • Hearty color produces great color. Add a small amount and check the color.

【More with Hearyt clay】

  • make a ball

  • form by hand

  • cut with a tool

  • smooth with water

  • add more clay on

  • cut with scissors

  • form with a texture tool

  • work with a mold