88 Resin Accessories by Candy Color Ticket


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Size:B5 (190mm×256mm)
Print length: 64 pages
Writer:Candy Color Ticket

Release:April 7th, 2017

1,300 JPY

Resin accessory making book issued by Candy Color Ticket, famous Sweets Deco & Resin Accessory artist. Full colored 64 page book gives you how to make resin accessories using 2 epoxy resins. The epoxy resins are good for making large size accessories as bracelets and hair clamps. You can use UV/UV-LED curing resins instead of the epoxy ones. In this book, use UV/UV-LED curing resins for coating.
88 cute accessories are introduced in this book. Explanation is written in Japanese, but step by step photos help you understand each recipe. You will find amazing techniques of original molds using with clear folder file, plastic cup, and straws. Resin accessory making is much easier than you think.