Chobiko Miniature Food Recipe Revised Edition 2017


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Size:AB (210mm×260mm)
Print length: 104 pages

Release:August 25th, 2014

972 JPY

Chobiko miniature Food Recipe has renewed with additional 14 worldwide food recipes. It has 104 pages; 64 color pages & 40 monochrome pages, written in Japanese.
This book is written by Chobiko, doll house & miniature food artist.
There are 90 recipes for 1/12 size miniature food, like Hamburger, Doughnut, Japanese food, Bakery, Pizza, Pasta, Rice omelet, Curry and rice, Sweets & Cakes etc...
Additional famous foods are fish & chips from UK, terrine from France, pirozhki & borcht from Russia, nasi goreng from Indonesia, Tacos from Mexico, and so on. Those miniature foods are created with resin clay, stone clay and UV resin.
Let's learn special techniques for miniature world. It is written in Japanese, but the step by step photo instruction makes you easy to understand the content.