Cute Egg-shaped Clay Birds


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Size:B5 (182mm×257mm)
Print length: 79 pages
Writer:Midori Yoshio

Release:January 15th, 2016

1,200 JPY

Many kinds of egg-shaped cute birds are found in this book.
This book shows how to make egg-shaped birds with Hearty modeling clay.
There are many clay birds in first half and "How to make" in second half.
High skill is not required. Follow step by step instructions and photographs help you understand the description even though it is written in Japanese.
Let's try to make your favorite birds!

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Budgerigar, Lovebird, Java sparrow, Cockateel, White eye, Sulphur-crested cockatoo Long -tailed tit, Sparrow, Seagull, Barn Swallow, Scarlet Macaw, Duck, Crow, Grackle, Halcyon, Zebra finch, Galah, Shoebill, Toucan, Umbrella cockatoo, Fowl , Owl, Mandarin duck (male/female), Penguin & Baby