"Wagashi" Japanese Sweets Accessories Book


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Size:B5 (182mm×257mm)
Print length: 79 pages
Writer:desicco/un from home

Release:April 20th, 2016

1,200 JPY

"Wagashi" Japanese sweets, is a theme of this book. There are four seasons in Japan.
Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, there are many sweets associated with the season. The book introduces 42 pieces of cute seasonable sweets made with Modena series clays & UV resin. For someone who is interested in a miniature food, it is a useful book.
"Taiyaki", fish-shaped waffle filled with bean jam, "Mitarashi Dango", dumplings with salty-sweet sauce, and with more Japanese sweets, you can enjoy making unique accessories. It is highly recommended for every level, including beginners.