PADICO Creative Award Winning Art work

PADICO Creative Award 2018
THEME : Romantic

Platinum Award

created by Rio Sato

Gold Award of the Resin division

A mermaid in the light
created by union unico

I fell in love with you in clockwork planet
created by Nako-factory

Flowers bloom in water
created by Hazuki

Gold Award of the Clay division

Angel of Flower
created by Yoko Sugiyama

Stardust wedding
created by Histoire de marriage

Chocolate ring
created by DROPOP

Gold Award of the Junior division

Treasure box from mistress of the sea
created by Usamimiribon

Cute fairy in winter
created by mao

created by Rin

Silver Award

Romantic swan lake
created by Vera Liang

Invitation from shoebill
created by magiyy

Wedding bouquet in memory
created by cacto*mill

PADICO Special Prize

created by Hiroto