Stir Stick with function as a spatula

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Design registration pending
Utility model registration pending

Palette Size:W15mm×H160mm×D7mm
Packaging size:W60mm×H232mm×D8mm
Material:Thermoplastic resin
Upper temperature limit:80℃
Cold temperature limit:-20℃
Storage condition:Place out of direct sunlight.

Made in Japan
Release:November 17th, 2023

400 JPY

New stir stick that prevents air bubbles is released.


・Can mix colors quickly.
・Unique design shape prevents air bubbles.
・Has a spatula to scrape out resin.

  • Quickly mixes resin and colorants. Two specially shaped sticks prevent air bubbles when mixing the resin.

  • The spatula makes it easy to pour out the resin. The flat shape of the spatula makes it easy to quickly mix and remove resin out.