Nozzle Attachment Fine Nozzle & Spatula

Resin Supplies , Resin Tools

Packaging size:W61mm×H130mm×D8mm
Contents:2 fine nozzles, 1 spatula one, and instruction written in Japanese

Made in Japan
Release:November 15th, 2017

420 JPY

Perfect sized nozzles for pouring UV/UV-LED curing resin in narrow parts.

These fine nozzles & spatula fit all size of PADICO resin bottles except 10g one. The nozzle attachment can draw lines like a pen. The spatula attachment is useful for gluing and coating small pieces. These three ones are in a set.

How to Use

  • 1

    Clean the tip of bottle with tissue well.

  • 2

    Fit a fine nozzle in tip.

  • 3

    Fine nozzle – Resin comes out from 1mm nozzle.

  • 4

    Spatula – Squeeze a botte slowly and coat resin direct.

How to care after use

  • 1

    Set a nozzle upside down and cure resin in tip.

  • 2

    Take cured resin out with a pin. Wipe the nozzle with a cotton swab.