Clear Silicone Gel for Mold Making

Resin Supplies , Resin Tools

Packaging size:W55mm×H194mm×D25mm
Contents:Tube A, Tube B, Spatula, Instructions
Volume:Net100g (A gel 50g + B gel 50g)

Made in Japan
Release:October 15th, 2013

3,400 JPY

Tube type silicone gel makes easy to handle.
Cure for 24 hours at a room temperature to make it.
Clear mold can be used for UV & UV-LED Curing resin.


  • Tube A

  • Tube B

  • Spatula

  • Instructions

Material Compatibility

Some items may inhibit the cure of Clear Silicone Mold Gel.
Check the material of the original item in the following list.

Good : PP, PE, PET, ABS, Resin Clay
Okay : Extra light weight clay, stone clay, wax
※Before applying to original items, test the compatibility of the surface on original piece.
※In order to prevent the hardening inhibition, coat the original item with acrylic spray, varnish, or paint first and start applying Clear Silicone Mold Gel.
No Good : Items contain sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen oxides, water, organometallic salts, such as organic rubber chemicals, PVC, adhesive.

How to Use

  • 1

    Set an object flat surface down in a paper box.

  • 2

    Put 20g of Tube A in a cup, and do B as equal gram(20g) in.

  • 3

    Mix A & B well with a spatula and pour it into the paper box slowly.

  • 4

    Cure for 24 hours at room temperature.
    ※Curing starts in 30 minutes.