Tafrect Mold™[Mineral B]

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Design registration pending
*「Tafrect」and「Tafrect Mold」are pending trademark registration.

Mold size:W60mm×H40mm×D12mm
Package size:W80mm×H138mm×D13mm
Gross Weight:10g (mold 7g)
Material:Thermoplastic resin
Upper temperature limit:100~120℃
Cold temperature limit:-20℃
Storage condition:Place out of direct sunlight.

Made in Japan
Release:November 17th, 2023

700 JPY

The first tafrect molds are shapes of minerals.
The small sized accessory molds can produce realistic looking minerals.


・Produces beautiful, shiny, almost real-looking mineral stones
・Newly developed resin ”tafrect" for improved heat resistance and durability
・Resistant to resin curing heat and does not whiten
・Gives a beautiful finish as if coated with resin
・Dust and dirt resistant properties compared to silicone molds

Mineral Brilliance Comparison

  • Beautiful shine without coating

How to use

1. Pour resin into a mold.
○ Gently poke the corners of the mold with a stick to spread resin inside the entire mold.
2. Cure the mold under UV-LED lamp.
3. Allow the mold to cool for 2 to 3 min. before removing it from the mold.
● Leave a gap in the close contact area near the spout for easy removal.
● Easy to remove by adding ethanol for disinfection or resin cleaner.

Resins available

UV-LED resin
2 component epoxy resin