Silicone Mold Sphere 16mm

Mold , Resin Supplies


Mold size:W71mm×H43mm×D25mm
Package size:W120mm×H165mm×D25mm
Contents:Silicone Mold Sphere 16mm, Tube(φ10mm)
Net Weight:Mold_27g, Tube_0.7g
Gross weight:32g
Material:Mold_Silicone rubber, Tube_PVC
Upper-temperature limit:200℃
Low-temperature limit:-60℃

Made in Japan
Release:July 13th, 2018

1,400 JPY

Silicone mold for the shape of 16mm sphere. Flexible silicone mold makes it easier to take a cured sphere from the mold. Attached 10mm wide tube helps insert embedded items like dried flowers.

・Perfect sphered shape with high quality.
・All-in-one mold for beautiful sphere without any line.
・About 3 gram needs for 16mm sphere.

  • An attached 10mm in diameter tube helps insert any parts into the sphere.
    ※The original port has 6mm wide in a diameter.