Soft Mold [Bear]

Mold , Resin Supplies

Mold size:W90mm×H80mm×D12mm
Package size:W95mm×H125mm×D17mm
Upper-temperature limit:70℃
Low-temperature limit:-20℃

Made in Japan
Release:May 25th, 2017

800 JPY

"Bear" simple bear face motif with various sizes. Bear, giant panda, flog, and more creation with your idea. Easy to express bear face with nose motif.

Transparent PP soft mold for clay & resin craft.
Clear enough to exposed to UV / UV-LED light.
※As a clay mold, oil the surface before use.


●Do not lift resin out of molds when the resin is still hot after curing. That may result of damaged molds.
●2-part epoxy resins may be lifted out of mold before completely cured.
As a rough indication, take it out in a half-length of the required curing time.
●Do not use a microwave.

Molds are consumption articles.
They may be distorted in shape or have cloud surface by resin heat reaction with long time use.

  • As a resin mold Pour resin in it. After curing, push a pieceout from back.

  • As a clay mold Oil the surface, then press clay into the mold.