Soft Mold [Round Plate]

Mold , Resin Supplies

Mold size:W90mm×H80mm×D12mm
Package size:W95mm×H125mm×D17mm
Upper-temperature limit:70℃
Low-temperature limit:-20℃

Made in Japan
Release:December 8th, 2016

800 JPY

"Round Plate" 7 sizes of simple round shape. Pile up and make earrings & hair accessory.

Transparent PP soft mold for clay & resin craft.
Clear enough to exposed to UV / UV-LED light.
※As a clay mold, oil the surface before use.


●Do not lift resin out of molds when the resin is still hot after curing. That may result of damaged molds.
●2-part epoxy resins may be lifted out of mold before completely cured.
As a rough indication, take it out in a half-length of the required curing time.
●Do not use a microwave.

Molds are consumption articles.
They may be distorted in shape or have cloud surface by resin heat reaction with long time use.

  • As a resin mold Pour resin in it. After curing, push a pieceout from back.

  • As a clay mold Oil the surface, then press clay into the mold.