UV Curing Resin "Sun Drop" [Hard Type]

Resin , Resin Pigments

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Bottle size:φ28mm×H116mm
Package size:W80mm×H190mm×D30mm
Ingredients:Acrylic UV curable resin

Made in Japan
Release:October 15th, 2013

1,500 JPY

Accessory making, glue for setting

One component UV curing resin for easy resin accessory making.
Hard, soft, and gummy type the UV resin has.

Curing Time

●UV light (36W) / 2 ‒ 10 minutes
●Sunny sunlight / 10 ‒ 30 minutes
●Cloudy sunlight / 60 minutes
(Curing period differs depending on the size and seasonal changes)


●Do not lift resin out of molds when the resin is still hot after curing. That may result of damaged molds.
●2-part epoxy resins may be lifted out of mold before completely cured. As a rough indication, take it out in a half-length of the required curing time.
●Do not use a microwave.
●Molds are consumption articles. They may be distorted in shape or have cloud surface by resin heat reaction with long time use.

No fire. Use resin in a well-ventilated room.
Avoid contact with skin, eyesand clothed.
Store in cool and dry.
Proper storage temperature:0℃ - 25℃
For ages 15 and up.


Inflammation occurs when a liquid contacts the eyes.
It may cause corneal damage or visual loss.
Please handle with care.

  • 25g nozzle fits on other sizes of bottles.