Jewel Color Birthstone Color Set[7-12]

New , Pigment Liquid , Resin Pigments

Limited edition and will be discontinued as soon as stock ends.

Bottle size:φ18mm×H44mm
Package size:W118mm×H136mm×D26mm
Volume:3ml each x 6 bottles
Gross weight:70g

Made in Japan
Release:November 17th, 2023

1,680 JPY

Birthstone colors are highly transparent, and colors are brightly presented.

・Set in the birthstone colors of July through December
・Realistic mineral colors reproduced
・Transprent clear color set

  • 3ml mini bottle wih a fine nozzle

  • Fine nozzle adjusts the amount of liquid to prevent the color from becoming too dark.

  • Focus on transparency to achieve clear color

【Tanzanite colored mineral necklace】

Created by Kimura Premium

  • Created by Kimura Premium