2021 Spring 2021 Spring New Products

More beautiful transparent colors.
Advanced resin dye liquid "Jewel Color"

New & improved Basic Jewel Color!
Lighter and beautiful 12 colors

Release in late May 2021

Jewel Color Basic,
colorants for UV-LED resin

JPY480 each
12 colors in total / 1 pc each / 10 ml
Package size:W70 x D23 x H130mm

About this item
  • Mix well into resin for the desired color resin.
  • Improved lighter color.
  • Resin liquid colorant that can be added drop by drop.

The pigment density of the new color becomes 50% of the old one
Add double amount of new color to close to previous one.

  • New packaging design!
  • See the color density difference with new light color and ex-model.

    The pigment density of the new color becomes 50% less than the old one.
    Add double amount of the new one to close to the color of ex-model.

  • Transparent color

The hoped for "12 Basic Jewel Color Set" with small amount bottles.
Packaged in a designed box, great for a gift.

Release in late May 2021

Colorants for UV-LED Resin
12 Basic Jewel Color Set

JPY2,700 without tax
Item #:403295
Sell per piece or a carton(40 pcs)
Volume:2ml each x 12 bottles
Bottle size:Φ18mm x H44mm
Package size:W62 x D25 x H163mm

  • 2ml mini bottle with a fine nozzle
  • Dedicated one to avoid over dropping

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