NEW PRODUCT November 2021

Release on Friday, November 19th, 2021

Non-stick silicone gives comfortable
   to use when making clay pieces and
      when removing resin pieces after curing.

Silicone sheet
-Glued cardboard-

480 JPY without tax

Silicone sheet x 2, Paper board x 1
Set:1/Color:Transparent, White
Sheet size:A6 size (W105 x H148mm)
Packaging size:W120×H185×D4mm
Materials:PET sheet, Cardboard


Silicone sheet (transparent) x 2 pcs
Cardboard (white) x 1 pc

  • Clay does not stick to the sheet even if stretching clay thinly on it.
  • It is easy to make mirror finish with the flat silicone sheet.
  • It can be used as a craft board by putting it on the cardboard.
  • as a work board,

    It is suitable for clay flower making and resin craft.

  • To have a flat surface,

    Put the silicone surface down on the mold that is filled with resin to have the resin surface flat.

How to set a silicone work board.

※Make sure the PET rough side down and the silicone side up and attach it to the board.

● If the silicone film deteriorates and comes off, replace it with a new sheet.

Suitable work space for resin transfering

Use this silcone sheet to minimize the curvature of resin.

  • Place a printd transfer sheet to the silicone one.

  • Apply a thin layer of resin to the designed surface and cure it under theUV-LED lamp.

  • Turn the surface over and press it against the silicone sheet to stretch it in case of curving.

  • Peel a release paper off and apply resin to the back side as well.

Easy to clean

Gently wipe the silicone surface with a wet sheet or resin cleaner.
After that, attach a screen protector film on it.