Ball Jointed Doll Kit [P-4]

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Packaging size:W230mm×H120mm×D90mm
Material:Modeling Cast

Made in Japan
Release:August 20th, 2014

24,000 JPY

Perfect doll kit for anyone creating the original doll.
15 pieces of body parts make easy to assemble a doll.
The light and durable doll pieces are made of Modeling Cast.
Can be painted, remodeled, and treated as air dry clay.

◆Parts for body (15parts)
①Head (1 piece), ②Torso (1 piece), ③Upper arm (2 pieces), ④Lower arm (2 pieces), ⑤Lower limb (2 pieces), ⑥Thigh (2 pieces), ⑦Foot ( 2 pieces), ⑧Hand (2 pieces), ⑨Crown (head cover) (1 piece)
◆Attachment Tools
Mounting bracket A, Elastic string, Tool for pulling elastic string, Eye-Sizer, Modeling cast for repair
※Putty is not included in a kit. Please prepare it by yourself.

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