Alice Rock Boll Jointed Doll Kit

Doll Supplies

Discontinued Item

Packaging size:W500mm×H200mm×D120mm
Material:Modeling Cast

Made in Japan
Release:August 20th, 2014

38,000 JPY


* It will be ended when all stock is over.

Ball jointed doll kit for your original BJD doll assemble from ready made parts.
Lightweight and durable pieces made of modeling cast, can be colored with acrylics, oil paints, water colored, and pastel.

◆Parts for Doll (22 parts)
①Head, ②Crown (head cover), ③Upper Torso, ④Lower Torso, ⑤Right Upper Arm, ⑥Left Upper Arm, ⑦Right Forearm, ⑧Left Forearm, ⑨Right Hand A, ⑩Left Hand A, ⑪Right Hand B, ⑫Left Hand B, ⑬Right Thigh, ⑭Left Thigh, ⑮Right Lower Limb, ⑯Left Lower Limb, ⑰Right Foot, ⑱Left Foot, ⑲2 Joint Balls for Hands, ⑳2 Joint Balls for Feet

◆Attachment Tools
6 S-hooks, Rubber Band, Epoxy Putty, Feather Knife, Tool for pulling elastic string, Modeling cast for repair, Eye Sizer (13mm diameter)