Premier 100g

Clay , Stone Clay

Package size:W150mm×H85mm×D15mm

Made in Japan
Release:November 13th, 2020

220 JPY

Premier 100g is an air-dry modeling clay designed to be used up in one go. The advanced formula clay has an exceptional strength and the brightest white finish, so pigments can be added to make original colored clays. Acceptable for all paint and varnish. A wide range of uses from ball jointed dolls & figure dolls to accessories.

Major Features of Stone clay

before drying
  • Cut with ease Use a clay cutter.

  • Add more clay on Add clay on clay, form it well.

  • Smooth with water Repair cracks with wet finger.

after drying
  • Sanding Sand with sand paper.

  • Painting color Paint with colors. Premier clay, best for color.

Brooch Making Techniques

before drying
  • Draw with toothpick Draw guidelines with a toothpick.

  • Press design on clay Build textures with a tool.

  • Make a hole Use a straw.

after drying
  • Carve details Scratch with a sharp point tool for texture.