Premier 300g

Clay , Stone Clay

Package size:W155mm×H90mm×D30mm

Made in Japan
Release:November 15th, 2001

500 JPY

Premier, an advanced formula with a finer body, allowing for greater detail, exceptional strength, ultra-lightweight pieces and bright white finish. Premier is 40% lighter than La Doll clay. The white clay can make original colored clay with pigments. Can be carved, drilled, or sanded when dry. Non-crumbling, non-stick. Acceptable for all paint and varnish. A wide range of uses from ball jointed dolls & figure dolls to accessories.

Major Features of Stone clay

before drying
  • Cut with ease Use a clay cutter.

  • Add more clay on Add clay on clay, form it well.

  • Smooth with water Repair cracks with wet finger.

after drying
  • Sanding Sand with sand paper.

  • Painting color Paint with colors. Premier clay, best for color.

Brooch Making Techniques

before drying
  • Draw with toothpick Draw guidelines with a toothpick.

  • Press design on clay Build textures with a tool.

  • Make a hole Use a straw.

after drying
  • Carve details Scratch with a sharp point tool for texture.