Modena Soft

Clay , Resin Clay

Package Size:W100mm×H185mm×D23mm

Made in Japan
Release:February 16th, 1998

1,000 JPY

Modena Soft is a lightweight air dry polymer clay, soft, flexible and 50% lighter than Modena. It offers high durability, and is waterproof when dry. The clay color is pure white like ceramic. Acrylics or oil colors can be mixed into the clay to create colored clay. It is suitable for flowers, fake sweets, and dolls.


Modena series clay contains high percentage of resin and it makes easier to be affected by the temperature.
Therefore, Modena series cannot be stock in the condition of under 0℃.
Proper storage temperature: 5℃-25℃.

  • Strong against folding and bending Well flexibility like rubber, good for fine details, thin areas less likely to break.