Air Dry Soft Clay 18 Single Packs [Assorted Colors]

Clay , Lightweight Clay

Package size:W180mm×H285mm×D70mm
Quantity:7g x 18 packs/6 colors each
Gross weight:167g

Made in Japan
Release:June 25th, 2021

1,000 JPY

Set for assorted color clays. 7 gram of Hearty pure pigmented mixable clay: yellow, magenta, and blue, is packed with 6 pieces each and set as the assorted 18 packs.
Hearty clay is air drying, soft & light, non-toxic pure pigmented mixable clay, made in Japan.
Three primary colors: magenta, yellow, and blue can be mixed with Hearty white and enable to create bright and beautiful colors.
The small size clay is useful for workshop activities and recreations.

【Air Dry Soft Clay Sigle Packs Series 5 Items】

【Hearty Color Series 9 colors in total】

【Pure Pigmented Mixable Clay can make your desired colors.】

  • Put a small piece of clay in the center of the other one.

  • Knead clay from the end toward the center.

  • Hearty color produces great color. Add a small amount and check the color.

【More with Hearyt clay】

  • make a ball

  • form by hand

  • cut with a tool

  • smooth with water

  • add more clay on

  • cut with scissors

  • form with a texture tool

  • work with a mold