Artista Soft

Clay , Lightweight Clay

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Package size:W225mm×H130mm×D35mm

Made in Japan
Release:October 1st, 1998

450 JPY

Artista Soft is extremely lightweight, flexible, non-toxic air dry clay. The soft clay is ideal for baby hand prints, flowers, sweets & deco, accessories, and other craft projects. Adding water, the clay becomes creamy and can be used for fake sweets decorations. Best clay for the tool "Mont Blanc Maker" #404127.

  • A proper clay for Mont Blanc Maker #404127 tool.

How to Use

How to make whipped cream

  • 1

    Mix 50g of clay and 4 caps of plastic bottles in zipper type bag.

  • 2

    Remove the air and zip up, knead it well until it becomes creamy.