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Package size:W122mm×H120mm×D60mm
Contents:A liquid (main agent), B liquid (curing agent), Guide book in Japanese, 2 cups, Stirring stick, Vinyl grove
Volume:A liquid_100g/B liquid_40g
Material:Urethane resin

Made in Japan
Release:March 22nd, 2011

2,200 JPY

Polyurethane forming materials.
Mix the measured quantity of agent A and B well until it produces heat as a chemical reaction.
Pour it into a mold quickly.
Polyurethane starts forming in a minutes and becomes like a sponge cake for deco sweets.
※The product is considered to be dangerous for international shipments under "Dangerous Goods Regulation".
Two liquids are flammable ones and have difficulties to keep the storage temperature during the transportation and handling.
Because of that, only domestic shipping is available.

※Polyurethane forming works well with silicone mold and PP soft mold. Use paraffin wax for metal mold.
※Use a digital scale which represents the number of digits after the decimal point.
※Specification will be changed without notice.


  • A liquid 100g
    (main agent)

  • B liquid 40g
    (curing agent)

  • Guide book in Japanese

  • 2 cups, Stirring stick

  • Vinyl grove

  • It becomes like a sponge cake for deco sweets.