Floating Color Resin Accessory Book


Size:260mm × 210mm
Print length:72 pages
Writer:TSGRWED, Resin_lovee, ERMINIA, Limon, misakin, Pecher, POS POS

Release:April 15th, 2022

1,100 JPY

The colors show a different expression behind the layers of resin. 
The competition of color and light that is born on the other side of the sparkling transparent world.
Following "Mystical Resin Accessory Resin Book” and "Fantastic Scene Resin Accessory Book",
this third volume of resin books focuses on the "beauty of colors created with resin"
and introduces more advanced methods of creating resin works as well as ideas and tips from popular artists.
Artist's Instagram account:(@tsgrwed) (@resin_lovee) (@erminia_fuji) (@limon_citrea) (@33ki_n_) (@pecher_momo) (@________pospos79)