Fuwa-fuwa, Shake-shake,Touch & Enjoy Fake Sweets


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Size:B5 (180mm × 256 mm)
Print length: 112 pages
Writer:Erika Kisen

Release:July 16th, 2019

1,600 JPY

Many rstaurants in Japan use replicas to display their popular dishes intheir windows and attract customers.
This culture has been continuedfor a long period.
Japanese sample foods look so realistic and become art. 
This, together with women's sence of fun, led to set a new craft category,"sweets & deco" in 2007.
Since then, fake sweets are popular in the world, looking for high techniques to make various kinds of sweets.
This book "Touch & Enjoy Fake Sweets" gives you how to make squeeze toys, slime for sweets, candy bags, and so on.
Polyurethane forming, sponge, resin, and handmade slime are materials to be used.

112 page-long sweets & deco how to bookfor middle to advanced level.