New UV-LED Smart Wide Light


PADICO Express

We are pleased to announce you that following UV-LED wide lamp will be released on January 19th, 2024. 18 UV-LEDs are arranged in an array to provide a wide light range.
This lamp is ideal for resin work as it irradiates and cures resin evenly and firmly.
The irradiation range is 4 times that of a handy light and can be used for large molds.
It has an automatic 30/60 seconds timer.

・UV-LED Smart Wide Light

Name : UV-LED Smart Wide Light
Product # : 403388
JAN Code : 4902498733889
Retail Price : 3,900 JPY without tax

・Hybrid curing unit,compatible for LED(405nm) and UV(365nm)
・Comes with a digital counter that shows number of seconds.
・Unit size: W 229xH136xD18mm USB Cable(Type-C) 1m length